Autonomous drone filming at outdoor facility

paintball field

As a business owner/manager, you constantly have to ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. How to improve customer experience?
  2. How to increase revenue?

Is your business an outdoor recreational area, such as paintball park, ski resort or golf course? Then we have answers for you – Drone Filming Service!

What is Drone Employee?

A drone is a flying camera. It is free to move anywhere in 3D space which allows creating absolutely stunning aerial shots!

Drone Employee software allows you to start using any off-the-shelf drone in your business.

After you install our software the drone starts working for you. It takes off automatically when a service is requested, accepts payments, sends a video to the client and much more!

With Drone Employee software you should stop treating your drone as a tool. It becomes your employee that generates value for you on its own.

Unique experience

Your clients wish to get unusual and unique footage of their memorable activities. They come to your facility for the experience and they are willing to capture it to share with friends and family. The advent of action cameras gave an interesting new perspective for action sports filming. But drones raise the bar to a completely different level!

Easy to implement and use

Our software works on the Raspberry Pi which acts as a traffic control server. In short, it is a 30$ computer that is always on and which is responsible for distributing tasks among drones at your facility. All you have to do is insert an SD card with our software in your Raspberry Pi and connect your drones to it. Your drone employees are ready to earn some cash for you!

No pilots needed

You don’t need a human pilot – our software enables autonomous flight. This means you don’t have additional overhead cost for implementing drones in your business. Just buy a Drone Employee compatible drone and it will fly itself whenever you need to!

How does Drone Employee work?

autonomous drone filming outside sports

How much can I earn with drones?

Initial investment
Drone price = 1000$
Batteries (x3) = 450$
Insurance = 100$/month
Total investment = 5,500$
N of drones = 3
N of flights per day each = 3
Price per flight = 50$
Monthly revenue = 13,500$

Where do I start?

  1. Choose a drone. You may have different requirements for your specific area. Is it windy? Maybe you need a more powerful drone. Tight airspace? Get a smaller, more maneuverable drone! Good that you have a choice because we work with 15 drone manufacturers. We can help you choose the drone that is right for you!
  2. Prepare the area.Do you want to allow your clients to call the drone anywhere at your facility or you want to specify the exact location for a perfect shot? We got your back, contact us and we can recommend you the right solution for you business!
  3. Hire a drone. Simply install our software on Raspberry Pi and connect the drones. Highly secure air traffic control system will safely manage as many drones as you need!

Request a demo

It is very easy to make a drone selfie base! And we help you on every step of the installation process.