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Start using drones to guaranty security of the area

Using Drone Employee software you can automate drone security monitoring operations and inspections at your facility. For example, big warehouse facilities can use drones to quickly respond and check the alarm signals. While forest management companies can use Drone Employee to watch and even prevent wildfires or theft. And golf courses can make a visual inspection to offer even better customer experience. Drone Employee can help you automate monitoring of your facility!

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How to organise autonomous drone filming

Nowadays, people are hunting for unique content. That is why in recent years we saw the rise of multiple new ways to capture moments of our life. And drone filming is the most exciting way!

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Worldwide drone delivery network from our perspective

The concept of drone delivery is not new. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that deliver packages are in discussion for a few years now. But nobody has a clear view of how the drone delivery system should work. Should drones be flying in the cities, over people, where they should drop packages and how they should navigate? We’ll share our point of view:

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Drone Employee took part in the Nordic UAS Event 2016

Nordic UAS Event 16 exhibition

Nordic UAS Event 2016 was held in Odense Congress Center, Denmark on June 1-3. There was more than 50 participants and 1500+ attendees. UAV manufacturers demonstrated their new products, participants discussed the future of UAS in Northern Europe and shared their achievements with attendees of the exhibition.

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