Start using drones to guaranty security of the area

Using Drone Employee software you can automate drone security monitoring operations and inspections at your facility. For example, big warehouse facilities can use drones to quickly respond and check the alarm signals. While forest management companies can use Drone Employee to watch and even prevent wildfires or theft. And golf courses can make a visual inspection to offer even better customer experience. Drone Employee can help you automate monitoring of your facility!

Why should I use Drone Employee in my security system?

The short answer is:

With Drone Employee you can hire a flying security camera to always have an eye in the sky!

Flying guards that just work!

We made sure that drones are assigned to the routes automatically. You can set up any trigger for the drone to take off. For example, a forest management company can organise an hourly inspection of the territory. While a warehouse facility only will launch drones when the perimeter security system has triggered an alarm. You can choose the trigger that is most suitable for your business!

Air traffic control system to prevent collisions!

Blockchain-backed back end system used in Drone Employee guarantees the safety of all drone operations and data. We offer an unprecedented level of protection for your drone operations!

After the trigger is received our air traffic control system (ATC) assigns the safe route to one of the free drones. The ATC is fully autonomous and assigns the routes without human involvement. It stores the safe routes in Ethereum Blockchain to make sure that they will not be compromised or damaged.

What’s next?

We are working to connect partners who will offer analytics software for your aerial data expanding the set of applications for Drone Employee even further.

All in all, an opportunity to have an eye in the sky saves your company money and reduces risks. All it takes is to set up Drone Employee at your facility. Contact us and we will help you organise automated aerial monitoring.