What are you selling?

Drone Employee is a software that allows business owners to “hire” flying robots – Drones!

What does “HIRING” a drone mean?

We believe that drones should stop being a tool that people operate. Instead, they should become independent and generate value for their owner autonomously.

This means 2 things:

  • The drone flies without a human pilot.We developed fleet management software powered by blockchain technology that guarantees that your drones will always fly safely
  • The drone has economic autonomy and can accept payments or create contracts with partners directly. It can organize the complex supply chain of a drone service within a single smart contract which removes the pain for the business owner.

How can it benefit me?

Drone technology is truly disruptive and can increase the efficiency of day-to-day operations in many markets. Drone Employee offers a wide range of opportunitiesto participate in creating the future of commercial drone market and any stakeholder can join our effort.

If you are interested in using Drone Employee commercially you can read more about using drones for filmingmonitoring, and logistics.

How do I hire drones?

The process of incorporating a fleet of drones in your day-to-day business can easily become pretty complex. But we put it simply, there are 5 steps in almost every drone mission:

Who are the stakeholders?

Ground Control Stations

are drone businesses connected to Drone Employee and united by the Drone Services Market.
You can become one of them by installing our software.

Airspace Service Providers

are companies authorized by the regulator to offer air traffic control services in their local area. They are connected to Distributed Sky and are united by Air Traffic Control Market.

How does the product work?

Do I always need to have a ground control station?

Most modern off-the-shelf drones require a ground control station to send commands to them. Some models can have a microcomputer and Internet connection onboard. These models would work without a ground control station by communicating with clients, Airspace Service providers and other partners directly.

How do I start using Drone Employee software? Is it hard to set up?

There are two ways you can use our software:

  • THE EASY WAY – Contact us on our website and we will help you hire your own drone employees.
  • THE NOT SO EASY WAY – Go to our Github repository where you can find our technology and start using it for free! Some coding experience is required.

How much knowledge about drones do I need to have?

You don’t need to have any knowledge about drones! Our goal is to make the use of drones as common as hiring a human employee. Contact us and we will help you choose the right drone model for your needs, setup the software and maintain it in working condition for you.

How fast can it be installed?

Drone Employee can be set up in basic configuration in just 15 minutes. But it may take longer depending on the requirements of your project.

Is it available in my area?

Drone Employee is a universal software that can be run anywhere in the world. Yet the regulatory environment, quality of maps and internet connection vary and it may be more difficult to set up Drone Employee in some areas than others.

Do you provide a drone?

Drone Employee only provides software. But we can advise you on which drone to choose because we support more than 15 different models. You can use many off-the-shelf drones and even self-built ones with our software. We support such manufacturers as DJI, 3DR and all Mavlink compatible drones.

How much do I pay?

You can start using Drone Employee for free here. But when you start using our software commercially a commission will be charged for every transaction done through Drone Employee Market.

The price for personalized setup and maintenance services varies significantly depending on your needs. Please contact us on our website and we can walk you through the process in detail.