How to organise autonomous drone filming

Nowadays, people are hunting for unique content. That is why in recent years we saw the rise of multiple new ways to capture moments of our life. And drone filming is the most exciting way!

Drones give us a new perspective to see the world. Aerial cinematography is unusual and very attractive. There are amazing examples of how unique and stunning the drone footage is.

In ski resorts, trekking areas, tourist attractions and even racing tracks visitors already started to use drones to capture their experiences. We can help you start a business out of this trend!

How can I start a drone filming business?

Today we offer you a tool to hire a flying cameraman-robot!

How to film autonomously

Do you want to offer tourists an aerial selfie with the city skyline? Or maybe your guests are interested in aerial shots during their paintball experience? The owners of many outdoor areas have already contacted Drone Employee and asked to help them organize professional drone filming. We have a solution that automates the process of drone filming!

No hustle with installation. We are your trusted guide!

There is no better way to make it easy for business than make a drone autonomous. We developed a technology that assigns safe routes to drones flying in the area. You don’t need to hire pilots or worry about flying the drones yourself. We got you covered!

At the beginning, we chose the best positions for drone filming at your site so that visitors would always get the best shots using Drone Employee.

Then we give you advice on the right equipment to buy. In popular tourist attractions where visitors just need a drone selfie, we can work with a cheaper drone while on a racing track we would probably need a faster, better and more expensive drone. Good that you have a choice as we already work with 15 drone manufacturers and we constantly add support for more!

We strive to make our software easy to install. But any time you need help we are here for you. We offer full technical support to businesses anywhere in the world!

No additional apps for your clients!

I am sure you want your clients to order aerial videos without a struggle. So do we!

We made it extremely easy to use for visitors themselves! The final users won’t even have to install any additional apps. With the click of a button, they can order a drone filming service through a familiar interface – Facebook or Telegram. It is so natural to text on Facebook. Now your clients can hire a drone just by texting to it on Facebook!

Launching many drones in the same airspace is safe!

You can rest assured that Drone Employee is extremely secure. We developed a backend system to make sure drone operations are safe. The blockchain-backed air traffic control system is responsible for assigning and storing a safe route for every drone flight.

This air traffic control system is backed by Ethereum blockchain. It receives the task from the messenger and assigns safe routes to one of the free drones available in the area.

This prevents drones from entering prohibited areas, colliding or flying directly over people!

How will drone filming business work after start?

Using our software you create and manage autonomous drone base in an outdoor recreational area. Drones do not need manual control and are working for you like your human employees. They receive an order, validate the route with a traffic control system, charge the client and send her the footage. You just need to maintain them in working condition.

The payment can be made via PayPal or using cryptocurrencies such as Ether. With some hardware options, you can get return on your investment with just 8 flights!

Hire a drone to offer automated aerial filming in your business!

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Use cases:

Tourist selfies

Person with map

Action sport filming

Sports guy with basketball