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Drone Employee at ReadWrite conference: When IoT meets AI

Artificial intelligence conference

On June 28th, ReadWrite and Western Digital hosted an event in San Jose named, “When IoT Met AI: The intelligence of things.”

Drone Employee received a demo table for the event. We were able to meet executives from companies like Western Digital, Accenture, Tata Communications and many others along with entrepreneurs who shape the future of IoT. We wanted to share the insights we learned

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Best cooperation project-mentor in GenerationS

6th of June the startup-competition final Generation was finished. Drone Employee got a high quality from experts, and we won a nomination: Best cooperation project-mentor.

startup competition autonomous drones

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Autonomous drone filming at outdoor facility

paintball field

As a business owner/manager, you constantly have to ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. How to improve customer experience?
  2. How to increase revenue?

Is your business an outdoor recreational area, such as paintball park, ski resort or golf course? Then we have answers for you – Drone Filming Service!

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Now you can hire drone directly from Facebook!

At Drone Employee we are constantly looking for ways to make the use of drones easy for everybody. With our software, you can create anything from a drone selfie base to a complex delivery network. And now you can hire drone just by texting to it directly.

Today we are announcing our Facebook Bot – Hiredrone.io

This feature allows you to request a drone service directly from you Facebook Messenger. When there are drones available in your area you can text directly to one of them and command it to fly to you or to other specified location!

You don’t have to fly the drone manually anymore. You don’t have to hustle with the complex mission set up process every time you want to launch a drone. Now you hire drone! Just send a command to your drone via Facebook and it will perform it according to requirements you specified. Just like a human employee would!

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Need a business idea? Drone selfie base!

People take thousands of photos and videos when they travel. Every day at popular tourist locations such as Pier 39 in San Francisco or Leaning Tower of Pisa people make selfies in the same spot. And you know what? Tourists are willing to pay to get the perfect shot!

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How can I benefit from using Drone Employee?

Users of Automatic Drones

There are two major types of drone market participants:

  1. Business owners who want to offer drone services
  2. End users who need these services.

But supply chain of a drone service is actually a little more complex. We organize drone supply chain using blockchain technology to make it safe and easy for everybody to use drones. There are multiple ways how you can participate in the Drone Employee network.

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