Need a business idea? Drone selfie base!

People take thousands of photos and videos when they travel. Every day at popular tourist locations such as Pier 39 in San Francisco or Leaning Tower of Pisa people make selfies in the same spot. And you know what? Tourists are willing to pay to get the perfect shot!

Let the drone do tourist selfies automatically

Drone videos are unique and stunning. Tourists want them in their social media. With Drone Employee you can offer them an easy way to post drone selfies!

Hire drone

How Drone Employee works?

steps on how to use automatic drones selfie

Drones bring money. You grow business!

On average tourists are willing to pay $10 for 2-minute drone selfie video. A DJI Phantom 4 drone now costs $1000 which means that you can get your money back for just 1 month of operation!

Initial investment

Drone price = 1000$

Batteries (x3) = 450$

Insurance = 100$/month

Total investment = 5,500$


N of drones = 3

N of flights per day = 6

Price per flight = 10$

Monthly revenue = 5,400$

Return your investment in just one month!

Where do I start?

  1. Choose a drone. You may have different requirements for your specific area. Is it windy? Maybe you need a more powerful drone. Tight airspace? Get a smaller, more maneuverable drone! Good that you have a choice because we work with 15 drone manufacturers. We can help you choose the drone that is right for you!
  2. Prepare the area. You need to know local regulations, make sure drones have the high-definition topography maps and find the best camera angles. We got your back on every step!
  3. Hire a drone. Simply install our software on your drone and it is ready to work. Highly secure air traffic control system will safely manage as many drones as you need!

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It is very easy to make a drone selfie base! And we help you on every step of the installation process.